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Created on 2011-04-09 09:42:11 (#770807), last updated 2020-02-28 (17 hours ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 25
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:my writing webpage
. About Me .

I'm polyfanamourous: An incredibly long list of my fandoms is here ; particular favourites include The Borgias, Da Vinci's Demons, Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, Revenge, V, Black Sails, Legends of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Librarians, The Orville.

All of my fanworks and most of my entries, including some original fic pieces are public. F-locked are more personal posts, and occasional discussions on things such as sexuality, as well as some original fic pieces - see below for links to my original fic filter.
My interests include reading, television and film, media representation, fanfiction and fandom, mythology and folklore, historical fantasy, eclectic paganism, wine, walking, pets, digital photography, and I dabble in baking, cross-stitch and knitting. I'm asexual and childfree and blog about those subjects.
If you're homophobic, or hate slash, or think asexuality isn't real, or hate fanfic, then we are not going to get along.

Mottoes to live by: learn something new every day. There's always time for tea. Moderation is true temperance. Ship and let ship.

My Tags DW / LJ

Disclaimer & Transformative Works Statement ; Concrit Welcome Statement: Original Fic Index post ; Original fic filter post LJ / DW

. Places .. Accomplishments .

fancake fanfic recs ; metanews meta round up ; little details writers can ask for help finding specifics for fic of any kind ; hd-tv caps screencaps ; icon textures showcases icon textures ; My resources and graphics credit post ; [site community profile] dw_community_promo ; [community profile] fandomcalendar ; [community profile] fandom_on_dw
Writing/bingo challenges and exchanges
LJ Idol/[community profile] therealljidol ; GYWO DW/GYWO LJ; 100 Tales ; hurt/comfort bingo DW/hc bingo LJ ; allbingo ; intoabar ; mmom ; Yuletide LJ/Yuletide DW ; small fandom fest ; small fandom bang ; unconventional courtship

Legend of the Seeker
Palace of the Prophets LotS comm ; Agaden Reach LotS comm focussed on characters with magical powers ; People's Palace A LotS comm focussed on the Rahl family, the Mord'Sith and the D'Harans ; Legend of the Seeker Fic LotS fanfiction ; Legendland A LotS landcomm

Banners/Awards ; Legend of the Seeker Awards 2013/nominations ; Legend of the Seeker Awards 2012 ; Legend of the Seeker Awards 2011/ nominations ; People's Palace 2012 /earlier ; Legendland Battles 1-8/9/10/11-20 ; Whedonland ; Others - 2011/2012-2013/2014-2019

Big Bang Fics

Masterpost of Bingo claims

Small Fandom Fest Big Bang
Da Vinci's Demons: Weather Every Storm DW // LJ // AO3

Black Sails SFBB Index
Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) part one of the Can't Fight This Feeling series
series post

Midnight Texas SFBB Index
Powerless DW / AO3 / art post

Da Vinci's Demons SFBB Index
The Count's Secret DW / AO3 / art post

Da Vinci's Demons SFBB Index
Through All Hardship We Endeavour DW / AO3 / art post

Black Sails Bang
2018 The Lock & La Clé AO3 / fic series / DW fic series / art post

Whedonverse Big Bang Index post
Dollhouse: Valentine's Day LJ // DW // AO3

CW Big Bang Index Post
Smallville/Buffy: Wish LJ // DW // AO3 //

LotS Big Bang Index Post
The Suit of Swords: LJ // DW // AO3

Unconventional Courtship tag
Selected Memes
How Fiction Works Writing Meme Index
30 Day Fanfic Writing Meme Index
The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment

. Profile Info by NuttyMusings .

Interests (133):

20in20, alex carter, asexuality, bard's tale, beer, big bang theory, black sails, blake ritson, blood ties, books, brimstone, bsg, buffy, burn notice, canadian actors, cara, celtic myths, cesare/lucrezia, charles mesure, childfree, comedy, constantine, cornwall, craig parker, csi, da vinci's demons, darken rahl, discworld, disney, doctor who, dogs, dollhouse, dr horrible, drama, eastwick, elizabeth mitchell, fairy tales, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, film, firefly, forensics, francois arnaud, fringe, game of thrones, hurt/comfort, internet, it crowd, jaime ray newman, joss whedon, justified, legend of the seeker, legends of tomorrow, leverage, lost, luke arnold, macgyver, magic, merlin, moon, moonlight, movies, murdoch mysteries, mythology, nathan fillion, ncis, neil patrick harris, nightmare before christmas, paganism, paranormal romance, pets, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, prison break, pro-choice, professor layton, psych, queen of swords, quotations, rats, reading, revenge, river tam, robin hood, santa clarita diet, sarah connor chronicles, scifi, sea, seth macfarlane, sinbad on sky, smallville, spartacus: blood and sand, star trek, stargate sg1/sga, steve valentine, summer glau, tabrett bethell, tarot, television, terminator, terry pratchett, the borgias, the flash, the good wife, the guild, the it crowd, the librarians, the listener, the originals, the orville, the sentinel, the vampire diaries, timothy olyphant, tolkien, tom riley, torchwood, tru calling, true blood, tv, v, vampire chronicles, vampires, veritas, wales, white collar, whump, wine, words, writing
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